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Welcome to the COMS

MORBID OBESITY is a chronic lifelong disease of excess fat storage. This entity has assumed pan-endemic proportions today. It is no longer a cosmetic problem. This sudden rise in the prevalence of the disease is due to multitude of complex genetic and environmental factors.

There are 400 million obese patients in the world. India is gradually catching up with the rest of world. Obesity is assessed by various calculations eg. Waist circumference, BMI, total body fat, percentage of body fat, skin fold thickness, etc... Most commonly used parameter is BMI(BODY MASS INDEX). BMI is a strong predictor of overall mortality as well as directly associated with presence of co-morbidities. It is not operator or technique dependant. Hence reproducible. Each 5kg/m2 higher BMI on average associated with about 30% higher overall mortality.

COMS (Centre of obesity & Metabolic Surgery) deals with problems faced by morbidly obese patients. We are a team of well trained Laparoscopic surgeons, Nutritionist, Intensivists, psychiatrist & endocrinologists & anesthetists.