Laparoscopic Surgeries

Various basic & advanced Laparoscopic surgeries are routinely performed at National Hospital.

Routine & advanced general surgeries like Hernias, Breast surgeries, Thyroid surgeries, Gastrointestinal surgeries along with multispeciality center with ICU/ICCU set up for Neurosurgery, Urosurgery, Plastic surgeries, ENT surgeries, Orthopaedic surgeries, Gynaecological surgeries.

Basic & advanced laparoscopic surgeries like Gall bladder, Hernias, Appendix, Fundoplication(for Gastrooesophageal Relux Diseases ie GERD, Intestinal surgeries, Colorectal surgeries.

Diagnostic & therapeutic upper GI and lower GI Endoscopies (Ogdscopy & Colonoscopy)

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